Finalist for the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize 2018

I am still feeling very grateful for my selection as a finalist in the DMNPP 2018 and thought I would share some progress shots of the painting.

This piece, ‘Hidden Rooms of Memory Welcome Me’, is the outcome of a concept currently consuming me. The idea of delving into our past experiences to attain personal insight and healing has forever intrigued me and as my youngest daughter, Bec, leaves behind her teen years my own fragile and tumultuous memories of this era fight for my attention. These portraits are styled with a 1970/80’s wallpaper landscape as reference to the appropriate period. I have completed numerous works in this series and will continue to do so as a means of giving voice, power and hopefully healing to my own youthful experiences. I truly believe even the most painful experiences can be transformed into something beautiful and meaningful.

Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair 2018

A couple of my pieces are heading to the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair 2018 between the 18th - 20th May.  Thanks again to the Lethbridge Gallery!  If you happen to be in Hong Kong do drop in...

Nothing more wonderful than a thrilled client!!

I received an email this week from a client in Santa Fe, New Mexico who wanted me to know how much she loved her Mandarin painting - hanging proudly in the kitchen of her beautiful home!  This type of feedback is what makes the long, solitary hours SO worth it! 

If you have a piece of my work hanging in your home/office etc I would love to receive a photo of it in situ!

Limited Edition Release!

Limited editions of 100 are now available for 3 of my paintings!  If you are interested in acquiring one just go to my website and click on the store tab...

I have limited the size options at this stage so if you have a preferred size or you want it printed on a different product just let me know - easy!

Finalist Rotary Art Spectacular 2017

Good news - 'Abundant' and 'Persimmon' have been accepted into the Rotary Art Spectacular 2017! It's a very diverse exhibition and I can't wait to see all the accepted works. The exhibition runs from the 15th - 19th May and is held in the foyer of Central Plaza One, 345 Queen Street Brisbane.

Painting process shots

Thought I would show you the process behind one of my paintings - this particular one is not quite finished but is nearly there.  All the really fine detail (that takes a lot of time) is still to come.  It's off to the framers tomorrow to be stretched onto a frame when it returns I'll finish it completely.

What a great start to the New Year!! Third Prize.....

I received an email from International Artist Magazine:

"It is my pleasure to announce that your painting "Smashed" was selected as the Third Prize Winner for International Artist magazine’s Challenge No. 97, Still Life! As you may know, for your prize, we will be writing a one-page article on you and your work for American Art Collector magazine"
"Smashed" OIl on linen 78 x 143cm   

"Smashed" OIl on linen 78 x 143cm