Chosen as Cover for Art-Prizes Calender 2017

'The Bubble'  Oil on Canvas

'The Bubble'
 Oil on Canvas

So wrapped and so grateful that 'The Bubble' has been chosen as the cover for Art-Prizes Calendar 2017! Thanks everyone for your positive energy and support for my work - I really appreciate it so much. All a bit overwhelming really.....

Winner Brisbane - Cliftons Art Prize 2016

'What Lies Beneath'  Oil on Canvas

'What Lies Beneath'
 Oil on Canvas

Overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude, appreciation and disbelief!!! I truly loved creating this painting though I have to say it's travelled a very interesting journey with a lots of lessons learned along the way👍 So glad it's found its new home! Thank you for creating the opportunity #Cliftons! So lucky to have been chosen amongst so many wonderfully talented artists!

People's Choice Award

Really excited to say I received the "People's Choice Award" in the Kennedy Prize for my painting 'Bec' - I'm so thrilled and it was a wonderful way to end what has been a tumultuous week!!  Very grateful to the Kennedy Prize for the opportunity to display my work....

Finalist in the Kennedy Art Prize 2016

Wow! I'm so stoked that my painting 'Bec' has been selected for the Kennedy Art Prize!  The theme for the prize is 'Beauty' and, I may be bias (being her mother), but I think she fits the theme very well!  Congrats to all the other artist chosen - I can't wait to see the exhibition...

It's certainly been a fabulous year and I'm so grateful for all the wonderful artistic acknowledgement I have received.  Thank you to everyone for being so supportive in all your various ways, I really am so appreciative!




Portraiture from Life Workshop

I had a wonderful 3 day weekend with a great group of artists and an amazing teacher, Andrew Bonneau, at Brisbane Painting Classes.  We had a lovely model, Maria, for the 3 days and she managed to keep the pose beautifully for us...unfortunately it was not long enough to finish the portrait but that was not the purpose of the workshop.  It was thoroughly enjoyable and I was exhausted at the end of each day.  I did this same workshop last year with Andrew and have learned so much more again this year - looking forward to putting the new skills into practice! 

Open Class prize at the Ekka

Are you heading to the Ekka this year?  If so, and you're into art, drop in to the Painting and Drawing Exhibition for a look - I decided to enter a couple of paintings for the first time in over 6 years so I was wrapped to find out that my painting 'The Sunnies' won first prize in the Open Class section and another received a commendation in the Still Life section.  Think I might venture over today for a look....

Two of my favourites are off to Ireland

So happy to say that a client in Ireland has purchased both my 'Watermelon' and 'Strawberry' paintings!!  The 'Watermelon' holds a special place in my heart and my journey through life so I'm glad it's heading to the place of my hereditary origins and the 'Strawberry' came to life on the canvas so quickly she too was a favourite :)